Our Service

We believe we provide such services:

For Investors

  • Introduction of start up companies and sourcing

  • Make an investment universe and propose diversified portfolio

  • Due-diligence support

  • Negotiation with founder

  • Co-investment


For Start-up

  • Introduction to investors

  • Funding support

  • Adviser

  • Negotiation with investors

  • Proprietary Investment

Our Insight

More opportunities of start-up investment can be found these days. They are by referral from friends, business partners or through crowdfunding. However, importance of understanding business plans including strength and opportunities of the investee remains or has become even further important. We know how and what to evaluate:

  • Business Due Diligence

KIKA is a group of experienced business analysts. We analyze the business plan quantitatively at this stage from as many aspects as possible until reach a conclusion whether to go onto next step. Quantitative analysis is to understand targeted product eco-system and to gain outlooks of market growth and macro-environment. Release of new idea needs to match with larger economic environment. Cost and capital structures of investee company as well as burn-rate/runway for operational efficiency are also evaluated.

  • Discuss with Founders

This is rather a qualitative approach. Discuss with founders and key personnel at the investee. At this stage, we ask questions for the background of themselves, purpose of starting business, and passion to make their product viral. Validation of our business analysis is also attainable. Through these questions, we understand them in depth and possibility of whether we can build trust for and keep sound relationship in any situation.

Our track record shows that key characteristics of successful founder holds are passion for its business/product, vision for its market and future, and an ability to change self to adapt changing environment.

Too much focus on funding, especially recurring funding activity, is an indicator of the same in the future (i.e., always funding).

  • Determine of fit

Throughout both quantitative and qualitative analysis, if investor can gain crystal clear image of investment, next and last step is to determine whether investing the business fits its investment goal. This is easily forgotten but must always be a basis of any decision.