Core Team

KATS SUGAWARA is the founder of KIKA Capital Management. He has 15+ years experience in investment company. He oversaw sales marketing and client relationship management. He is also a sole start up investor as angel. He is mainly in charge of sourcing, funding, and investor relationship.
KEN TAKEDA is a partner of KIKA Capital Management. He has an accounting and finance background in a large accounting firm, and worked in Mountain View, CA for advisory services to tech companies. He oversees finance, legal documentation, sourcing, and due-diligence at KIKA.

TAKA SHIMO is a partner of KIKA Capital Management. He has an investment and portfolio management background.
He is a hedge fund manager in Singapore and oversees financial and business analysis at KIKA.


Advisory Team

Alex Kruglov
Alex is the co-founder and CEO of, venture-backed app games on iOS and Android based in Los Angeles. Prior to, he managed content acquisitions at Hulu after Sony Pictures Television and Mckinsey & Co. He received his MBA from Harvard Business School.
Joshua Montgomery
Joshua is the co-founder and CEO of Mycroft AI, Inc., the world’s first provider of open-source AI voice assistant based in Kansas City. He is a passionate entrepreneur and mentor to lead teams and communities and successful at funding campaigns through Kickstarter etc.

Jeremie Habib
Jeremie is the co-founder and CEO of Gigwell, Y Combinator graduate and a fast-growing event-technology start-up in the live entertainment space, based in San Francisco. Prior to Gigwell, he was a head of global sales at mxHero and also an investor.