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About kika

KIKA Capital Management is a Japanese Venture Capital and, since 2017, KIKA has invested in some start-up companies at stage of seed or Series A round in the US. KIKA believes this stage is at very good sharp ratio comparing to those at more mature stage. While late stage investment is safer in term of bankruptcy risk, it’s often highly over-valued. Focus is to take big advantage of start-up business at this stage operating in the US market where it is deeper and larger to find one. KIKA can work together with

investors who need advice when considering investments in this area.
Our goal is to realize three wins - win(Start-up)-win(Investors)-win(KIKA).

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Start-up investment is always unique in potential investee’s valuation and their business plan. Valuation reflects founder’s view, and also sometimes hope with optimism. Their business plans often, if not always, sound well-strategic and achievable.

However, investors are often misled by what’s in their eyes. In this rapidly changing business world, business strategy as well as team focus have to be optimized from time to time. Now, a big question comes up.

How can growth be pursued while protecting my investment?

We finally came to conclusion that “trust” in the founder cannot be emphasized more, and it is the key to success of our investment. For, sound relationship can let you informed of both negative and positive changes in the business geography as soon as they emerge.

On the other hand, what is pros of being trusted by those founders?
They need fueled by receiving advices and feedbacks or simply by congratulating success together for further steps forward. The power of trust unveil their potential and make them move forward.


Overall, provided that business plans and the team are believed to be realistic and flexible, our strategy aims at more human centric aspect which will likely result in better relationship and last longer. We highly value “trust”.